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Top 8 Things Your Facility Management Program Should Include

06/07/2016, by kevink, in News & Media, 0 comments

If these are not covered in your existing program, you may not be maximizing the life-cycle performance of your roof or even the entire building envelope. The top 8 things your facility management program should include:

  1. Annual/Bi-Annual Reviews – A thorough review of the roof system is conducted to ensure the watertight, safe, secure, and sustainable performance of the roofing project.
  2. Roof Asset Analysis & Planning – A thorough analysis of current roof conditions to assist in interpreting the data, including a physical examination of the roof, construction details, visual observation notes, photographic documentation and lab analysis reports, if needed.
  3. Benchmark Analysis – An environmental review of existing conditions along with a roof’s material composition, drainage, envelope seal, roof top related equipment and the building operations, we establish a benchmark of the roof system life cycle.
  4. Inventory Management – Maintain a complete roof inventory of all building components, including details such as type of insulation, work history, existing conditions, and type of roof system.
  5. Preventative Maintenance – Identify and diagnose any potential issues by performing comprehensive, photo-documented inspections and comparative reporting and proposals for any work needed.
  6. Budget Forecasting – Plan and forecast for the future to determine and manage costs to help avoid unexpected expenses and to assist in the creation of maintenance budgets for needed roof repairs and replacements.
  7. Warranty Compliance – Implementation of warranty maintenance and compliance requirements.
  8. Online Database Access – Instantly access real-time data including roof drawings, photographs illustrating existing conditions, progress reports of repairs, replacement work currently being performed, and budgetary information for your roof portfolio.

If you think you have a gap in any of these areas, contact us today.